When tens of thousands of Catholic families from around the world gather in Philadelphia in September 2015, we want to be sure that all Catholic families will be represented.
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So we're sending twelve diverse Catholic families that include LGBTQ people to participate in World Meeting of Families and Pope Francis' Festival of Families.
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While Church leaders continue to deny LGBTQ peoples’ love and commitment, and pastoral care for our families remains inadequate, these pilgrims will witness to the conviction that ...
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We Are All
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Our Mission

By embracing the spirit of prophetic non-violence, we witnessed to our fellow World Meeting of Families (WMF) participants by… 

  • Having one-on-one conversations with a wide range of WMF participants 
  • Engaging the media 
  • Being a visible presence at WMF events, especially by distributing materials that affirm LGBTQ Catholics 
  • Witnessing through vigils or rallies with the message that we are all Equally Blessed 

The Equally Blessed World Meeting of Families pilgrimage is a project of the Equally Blessed Coalition.

Schedule of Events