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Hi! I’m Marica Garber. I’m a lifelong Catholic from Manchester, NH. I have also been a member of Dignity/Boston since Pentecost, 2006.

As a mother, I raised my children Catholic. Our family had been members of traditional, institutional Catholic parish until 2006 when during the legislative battle for marriage equality, it became clear to me that I could no longer participate in a church that did not support my child's (and all children’s) quest for intimacy and love. As my parish asked for signatures on a petition to deny marriage equality, I left.

I am traveling to World Meeting of Families to share the story of my family with Pope Francis and my fellow pilgrims. My son, CJ, was trangender and the discrimination he experienced (including from the church) was torture. I want better for other trans kids

I hope that by participating in World Meeting of Families, I can help educate the Church about the needs of LGBT Catholics and their families and provide an example of a Catholic parent who supports LGBT kids. Rejection by family under the leadership of the Church is killing our children. 

Most Catholics already support LGBT equality and want a church where all children—and adults—will be celebrated for who they are. We need our Church leaders to join us in taking a stand for love, not exclusion.

Meet the other Equally Blessed World Meeting of Families pilgrims.


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