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Leslie and I live in the Philadelphia area. Every night there are news stories on TV related to the visit by Pope Francis and the World Meeting of Families. The excitement is palpable! I am reminded of the season of Advent - we wait and prepare. Anticipation grows! Although there is much to do and plan - transportation, pet care arrangements, work and such, we are trying to stay focused on the purpose - to share, pray and celebrate our families, with an extended hand of support to other families. In these final days of preparation, our goal is to focus and remain centered.

God's Plan For Me

Hello fellow pilgrims and visitors to these pages,

I have felt so blessed to be a part of this wonderful pilgrimage and the idea of meeting in person the rest of our pilgrims and others from around the world. I have been talking about it all summer, made about 100 crocheted rainbow hearts and have just located another bag of them....after I had sent the first batch in.

A Lesson from Rosa's Grandson

My grandson and I just had our photos taken for a story in the LA Times. Matteo started chatting with the photographer about his family. He thought his beta fish and Chewbacca Blue Arvizu was more noteworthy than his two Mommies.

I pray for the day that the world will see with the eyes of a precious, three-year-old boy.

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Challenges and Change

Karen Kelley, my daughter's mother in law and I have been planning our Pilgrimage for many months.  We coordinated our travel plans so we would be traveling together, meeting on the train.  We have given each other moral support, since this would have been our first pilgrimage of this sort. We were going to share our story of how our daughters meet while at the Jesuit Volunteer Corp, and how the two are the most service centered Catholic we know.

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Labor Day Weekend

I had my first letter to the editor published this Friday, in the Journal Inquirer, Manchester, CT.  I am still waiting for a response from the Hartford Courant.  Marianne and family stopped by to pick up my crafted donations so I won't have to carry them on the train.I spent a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather we had in New England.  I notice that some of the trees are starting to turn.  In two weeks, Karen and I will be on the train to Philidelphia.

Sister Ocean

Sister Ocean

One summer day

I stood on a beach

Beneath my naked feet

Sands rejoicing rays of bright sunshine

I was on the beach

Carrying many cups of water from different sources

Water from different rivers

Raindrops gathered on leaves on alocasia

Water from kitchen sink and even from a toilet bowl

Finishing homework over summer vacation


As September rolls in, I am grateful for so many things in my life. The arrival of my grandson Wyatt, (yes, there will be pics), a trip to Bar Harbor I am making with my husband and of course WMF. I have sent out a few letters to the editor and so far have no response. I have reached out to a couple LGBT groups and again, no response. I am choosing not to be discouraged, I am choosing to let God handle it. He's the one behind this pilgrimage so He can handle my details.

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Letters to the editor

I wrote my letters to the editors, and sent them out this evening  They were sent to the Hartford Courant and to the Journal Inquirer, two Connecticut papers, I will let you know when they appear in the paper, and if there is any follow up.

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Round up of coverage of Equally Blessed's eviction from St. John the Evangelist Parish in Philadelphia

Last week, news broke of Equally Blessed's eviction from St. John the Evangelist in Philadelphia, a Catholic parish that had opened its door to us during the World Meeting of Families. Since then, a variety of different news outlets have covered the story. A summary of that coverage appears here:


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