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My official sweatshirt

I ordered an official World Meeting of Families sweatshirt, and then colored the the logo in rainbow.  It looks great.

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Family Celebration

Had a great weekend.  Traveled to Vermont to see my fellow pilgrim, Karen.  We were there for a baby shower, and to celebrate the anticipation of Karen's first grandchild. Our daughters Lauren and Sara came up from Baltimore.  I drove up with my daughter Lindsay and her fiance Mike, from Worcester.  We had great family fun.  I left some white sneakers with Karen, and she is going to make them tie dye rainbow. 

Meet Lui

Hi all! My name is Lui (瑠威) Akira (明) Francesco Matsuo.

Article: Pope Francis's Comments On Heterosexual Parenting Alienate Gay Catholics

The Equally Blessed pilgrimage was featured in this Huffington Post article about the ways Pope Francis' statements on parenting alienated LGBTQ parents. Frank DeBernardo of New Ways Ministry and Marianne Duddy-Burke of DignityUSA (both members of the Equally Blessed coalition) were quoted in the article extensively.

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As I prepare for the World Meeting of Families, I have been reading the catechism.  I have had catechist training in the past about twenty years ago, and I do not remember so many rules about sex and sexuality.  Maybe times were different for me back then, my children were young, I was active in my church, St Francis of Assisi, in Vista, CA.  I now live in New England (Connecticut), my children are pretty much grown.  My whole adult life I have  been involved in social justice.  My daily job is helping people with real problems.  As I read the catechism for the World Meeting of Families, an

Meet Susanne!

Hi! I'm Susanne Cassidy and I live in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. I have one daughter and four sons, two of whom are gay. I'm also the proud grandmother of seven. I retired in 1995, but continue to work part-time as a massage therapist.


Waiting seems to be my theme for this summer. Right now, I am waiting for many family and friends to gather at my house for a baby shower for my youngest daughter, Megan. Waiting for Sara and Lauren to arrive from Baltimore. Waiting for my sister and family to arrive from Massachusetts for the weekend. Waiting for the contingent from Maine to arrive. Waiting for Lauren's mom, Debbie (who is also making this pilgrimage), her daughter Lindsey and fiancee Mike.

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As time for WMOF approaches, I become increasingly aware of the responsibility to represent with honor and humility the community I love. Praying...

Getting ready

It's June already and I am getting ready for our teleconference tonight. I'm hoping to get the video chat running tonight, it is hard on the phone to know who is who. I'm anxious to meet all the other pilgrims.

Meet Karen

Hi, my name is Karen Kelley and I live in Burlington, Vermont. My husband Paul and I are active Catholics who love and support our adult children, including our daughter Sara and her spouse Lauren, who were recently married.


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