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Last year, on July 12, my daughter, Sara, married her fiance, Lauren on a beautiful pasture with the trees and mountains in the backround in the very beautiful Vermont, where we live. They had been together a long while and were social justice minded, it was truly a match made in heaven. The wedding was wonderful, lasting a weekend, but even better, the marriage is beautiful. I could not ask for a better wife for Sara. They share genuine caring for each other in even the little things that happen during the day.

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Mothers' Day - Walking for Peace

When we started planning our family's Mothers' Day celebration, it was really easy. For years, I'd wanted to participate in the annual Mothers' Walk for Peace, an effort begun by a local Mom who lost her son to gun violence on the streets of Boston. This year, we were going to be at home, instead of traveling for a First Communion or other family event, as we have been on many recent Mothers' Days.

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Meet Debbie

Hi! I’m Debbie Carpenter from East Hartford, Connecticut.  In 2013, my daughter, Lauren Carpenter and her then-fiancee Sara Kelley participated in Equally Blessed’s pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, where they were able to talk with hundreds of Catholics from around the world about their experience as a same-sex couple in the Catholic Church.

LGBT advocates ponder how to benefit from Francis' visit

Below is an excerpt from an article by Philadelphia Inquirer on the important opportunity for LGBTQ Catholics to participate in Pope Francis' World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.

Pope's visit will have 'the world's attention'

Below is an excerpt from an article by the Courier-Post which features Marianne Duddy-Burke, Executive Director of DignityUSA, talking about why her family chose to participate in Equally Blessed's pilgrimage to World Meeting of Families.

March 23, 2015-- Marianne Duddy-Burke, a Boston woman who leads DignityUSA, a group of gay Catholics, said she's hoping for a symbolic gesture from Francis.

"As a gay family, we're going (to the World Meeting) to talk about our experiences," said the married mother of two. "We want them to know what it's like to try to live an authentically faithful life as a Catholic family with two moms."

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Meet John and Mary

Hi, we’re John and Mary Freml! John is 30, lives in Springfield, Illinois, and was married to his partner Ricki on December 13, 2014. He is a lifelong Catholic who was educated in Catholic schools and is now active in DignityUSA, Call To Action, and an intentional Eucharistic community led by a Roman Catholic Womanpriest.

Meet Delfin, Jason and Rebeca

Hi! We’re Delfin Bautista, Jason Hernandez and Rebeca del Cristo. Delfin and Jason are married, and Rebeca is Delfin’s mom.

Rebeca is a native of Cuba and immigrated to South Florida when she was 20. She lives in Miami, FL with her three daughters.  Delfin and Jason were both born and raised in Miami and currently live in Athens, OH.  

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Meet Nicole and Vilma

Hi! Our names are Nicole and Vilma Santamaría. We both live in El Salvador.

Vilma is a teacher, sociologist, and mother. Nicole is her youngest daughter, and was born on the same day that civil war broke out here in El Salvador. Vilma was a student at the National University during the war and a follower of the Liberation Theology that Monseñor Romero preached.

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Meet Claire and Leslie

Hi! We’re Claire Dente and Leslie Campo from Media, PA. Leslie was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. Claire was born in New York City and grew up in northern New Jersey, moving to Philadelphia to attend college. We met on April 15, 2000 on Long Beach Island, New Jersey at a retreat sponsored by a gay and lesbian spirituality group at St. Vincent de Paul Church in Philadelphia, PA. We were married on December 26, 2014 in Swarthmore, PA.


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