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It's the Little Things

So many magical moments this week. The most touching experiences occurred in line to purchase coffee, walking down the street, or having a family member with an LGBTQI friend or relative tell us how much they appreciated us being there. The best was today! The TSA Officer was checking my clear WMF backpack and saw the Equally Blessed sticker on it. She asked me, "What is this?" I thought I was in trouble with TSA (!) but instead, she said she didn't know about it and asked if I had another sticker. I was able to give her a button and some info. She was very grateful!

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Reflecting on a week of learning, insight and making new personal connections! We had two wonderful panels, including last night where Marianne Duddy-Burke and John Freml provided articulate and insightful reflections on content from the WMF. Great questions, comments and reflections from the participants as well! Thanks to all!

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Leslie and I live in the Philadelphia area. Every night there are news stories on TV related to the visit by Pope Francis and the World Meeting of Families. The excitement is palpable! I am reminded of the season of Advent - we wait and prepare. Anticipation grows! Although there is much to do and plan - transportation, pet care arrangements, work and such, we are trying to stay focused on the purpose - to share, pray and celebrate our families, with an extended hand of support to other families. In these final days of preparation, our goal is to focus and remain centered.

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Meet Claire and Leslie

Hi! We’re Claire Dente and Leslie Campo from Media, PA. Leslie was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. Claire was born in New York City and grew up in northern New Jersey, moving to Philadelphia to attend college. We met on April 15, 2000 on Long Beach Island, New Jersey at a retreat sponsored by a gay and lesbian spirituality group at St. Vincent de Paul Church in Philadelphia, PA. We were married on December 26, 2014 in Swarthmore, PA.

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