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One Day to Go!

How did we spend our final day before heading to Philadellphia? Helping out at a charity bike ride! At Fini's insistence, we joined our Dignity/Boston team supporting bicyclists who rode 125 miles from Boston to Provincetown to raise funds for HIV/AIDS research and services. It was a great day of cheering on the riders, offering food and beverages, and watching the bikes while riders took short breaks.

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Mothers' Day - Walking for Peace

When we started planning our family's Mothers' Day celebration, it was really easy. For years, I'd wanted to participate in the annual Mothers' Walk for Peace, an effort begun by a local Mom who lost her son to gun violence on the streets of Boston. This year, we were going to be at home, instead of traveling for a First Communion or other family event, as we have been on many recent Mothers' Days.

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Meet the Duddy-Burkes

Hi! We are the Duddy-Burkes: Becky, Emily, Fini, and Marianne, and we’re excited to be part of the Equally Blessed World Meeting of Families Pilgrimage.

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