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All of you are in my prayers. Good luck in Philly.

As each of you undertakes this journey, know that you are not alone. Those who have been able to offer some financial support go with you; those families who are blessed by different sexual orientations and gender identities entrust you to speak for them; those who have been blessed by learning from you how the gospel is lived in voices different from their own, send both protection and courage for you. And all of us who pray from within this Body of Christ, pray with and for you as you make this pilgrimage with love of the church and love of each other. We send you as our blessings! Godspeed!

Claire and Leslie's picture

Picking up our registration packs at the Convention Center. It is exciting to see and hear such diverse representation, language and excitement!

My husband and I attended the WMOF but I did not know your group was there. I would have loved to meet you! We have a gay son and we are with you as you witness your faith in the world! I attended the only talk they had on the subject of gay Catholics and while I was uplifted by the applause for phrases like "gay Catholics should be accepted and not rejected" I was disappointed by the message that the gentleman had that the only way he could live out his Catholic faith was through celibacy. My husband asked me what did I expect, but I expect more openness.
I applaud you for your willingness to battle the crowds and attend the conference as openly LGBT people. As I was walking around the booths in the exhibit hall I spoke to a woman at some booth that had "marriage" as a predominant word in the sign. I asked her what her group was all about and she started talking but it didn't make sense. then she used that hot button phrase "marriage between a man and a woman." Oh, I said, you're against gay marriage! No she said, she's not against anything. We have a gay son, I'm not interested in your material, but thank you and goodbye. If you're not for us, unfortunately you are against us.
God bless you as you continue to live your faith every day!
Susanna Sugrue
Louisville Kentucky
Proud mom of an incredible son who happens also to be gay!

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